School of Physics Experimental Particle Physics

International Contact Details


Postal address

CERN, European Laboratory for Particle Physics
PPE Division
CH-1211 Geneve 23, SWITZERLAND

Locations & Phone numbers

ATLAS Melbourne Office,

Building 531, Room R032, phone 41 - 22 - 767 3170
ATLAS Secretariate, phone 41 - 22 - 767 4279
fax 41 - 22 - 767 8350

SCT Systemtest Laboratory (B186)

H8 Experimental Area (site de Prevessin)
phone 41 - 22 - 767 6733

NOMAD Australian Office,

Building 104, Room RC20, phone 41 - 22 - 767 8946

NOMAD Control room,

Building 191 phone 41 - 22 - 767 8918
NOMAD Secretariate, phone 41 - 22 - 767 ????
fax 41 - 22 - 767 9070

Note that CERN exists on several sites in both Switzerland and France. All locations in the above list are on the main Swiss site (Meyrin) unless specified to be on the French site (Prevessin).First time visitors are advised to go initially to Reception which is accessible from the Route de Meyrin and contact a group member by telephone for directions. Afterhours help, including prearranged hostel keys, may be obtained from the guard at the main entrance.

CERN is readily accessible from downtown Geneva by taking bus number 9 (destination CERN) from the main railway station at Cornavin. This bus route terminates at CERN's main gate, takes about 20 minutes and costs about 2CHF purchased from machines at each stop. From the airport, either take a taxi direct (specify CERN Meyrin) or catch a bus or train to Cornavin and transfer to bus 9 to CERN. Note there are several alternative destinations on route 9, so check that the destination sign is CERN.


Contact the Belle secretariate.


Contact Dr Martin Sevior.

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