School of Physics Experimental Particle Physics


The workshop will be held in The School of Physics at The University of Melbourne,

The University of Melbourne is located close to the centre of Melbourne, and can easily be accessed via public transport.

From the city;
1. Take any tram on Swanston street with the destination "Melbourne University"
2. Get off at the Melbourne University tram stop.
3. The School of Physics is just 2 minutes walk up Swanston Street, on the Corner of Elgin Street.
4. The conference room is located on level 7 of the Physics building.

You will only need a "Zone 1" ticket in travel to and from the University.
2 hour tickets can be purchased on the trams, and daily tickets from convenience stores, train stations and some tram stops.

You can find information about Melbourne Public Transport on the Metlink Melbourne website.

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