School of Physics Experimental Particle Physics

Accelerator Science Education

To achieve ACAS’s aims, universities will be encouraged and supported to increase the courses
on accelerator physics that are available to students. ACAS will sponsor and coordinate dedicated
accelerator schools during non-teaching periods at universities to supplement the more general
aspects of accelerators covered in existing course work. In the future, the aim is to offer a Masters
of Accelerator Science that will form the basis of a career at one of the national accelerator
facilities, hospitals or in industry.

The main contributors to the teaching of accelerator science are the physics departments at the
following universities:

In addition, through international collaborations there is access to overseas teaching at the
following schools held several times each year on selected topics:

This is not an exhaustive list of teaching opportunities and the list will expand as the synchrotron
science and other accelerator based communities grow around the nation.

Each of the ACAS members currently run a number of education and training programs for
students. Programs run by each organisation include:


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