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ACAS- Australian Collaboration for Accelerator Science


Accelerator science is both a discipline in its own right within modern physics and a provider of high-powered tools for discovery and innovation in all fields of scientific research. As such, it holds a distinguished position in enabling and shaping the modern world from discovery and study of the atomic properties of materials to biomedical research and treatment of illnesses and finally to the fundamental understanding of how the universe was created.

Throughout its history, Australia has participated in and made key contributions to the field of accelerator science, including the invention of the synchrotron acceleration principle. To maintain state-of-the-art accelerator-based facilities in Australia, the Australian Synchrotron, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), The University of Melbourne and The Australian National University have established the Australian Collaboration for Accelerator Science: ACAS.


ACAS was launched on July 13, 2010, by Senator the Honourable Kim Carr. Video of the launch can be seen at

The aims of ACAS are to:

To download a copy of the ACAS brochure, right-click and save as:


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